Our Goal

What is Hokto's Goal?

Our goal is to be a company that primarily considers our consumer's wellness. That's why we automated our factory. Mushrooms are a very delicate food. Once dirt and bacteria get on the mushroom, it significantly loses its freshness and nutritive value.

By building a factory without the intermediary of human hands, we avoid cross-contamination and can assure the safety, freshness and high quality of our produce. We ensure comprehensive implementation of hygiene control at our factory without ever using chemicals, and fully automated the final packaging process.

We even managed to fully automate the production and packaging of Maitake mushrooms by means of the "one root" cultivation method which has never been done by anyone before. As a result of our endeavours, there are many families with children who can safely enjoy our mushrooms.

Consumer Satisfaction = Customer Trust

Hokto's business philosophy is based around a concept known as "The 5 Satisfactions", a policy that aims to build a relationship of satisfaction and trust with Hokto's consumers, suppliers, the local community, shareholders, and employees.

To this end, Hokto places paramount importance on protecting the health and safety of its customers and engages several innovative approaches to do just that. Foremost among these innovations is Hokto's push to fully automate the process of cultivating, harvesting and packaging mushrooms as a means of ensuring the quality and hygiene of its produce.

From seeding, sprouting, growing, harvesting and packaging; every stage of Hokto's mushroom production line occurs in a germ-free factory that is fully insulated from the outside world. With no risk of disease or bacterial cross-contamination from contact with human hands, dirt and other external sources, Hokto mushrooms are grown naturally in a healthy environment free from pesticides and other chemicals.